TITAN ADVERTISING, INC. is a California Corporation.  Our principal management team members have many years of knowledge and experience in the outdoor advertising industry.  We have the entrepreneurial spirit and are proud of our successful track record.  We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.



We are committed to being a first-class operation and to following a careful management style which promotes quality and pride in our workmanship as well as further enhancing customer satisfaction.





Titan is dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen in all of the communities where we do business.  Although we believe very strongly in the First Amendment protection on the right of free speech, our corporate policy is that we will not display any advertising that would be considered inappropriate to the community where the display is located. This policy includes:
bullet No Adult-oriented Business Advertising
bullet No Misleading or Untruthful Advertising
bullet No Hate or Discrimination Advertising
bullet No Alcohol or Tobacco Advertising
bullet Following All OAAA Guidelines


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